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Welcome to the SSA. We accept and host Smallville slash of all ratings, genres and pairings; please review the FAQ before posting to the archive. The archivists can be reached at (Please note that this is a NEW ADDRESS. The old one will NO LONGER WORK.)

There may be ADULT material available on this website. If you are under the legal age of majority according to your local jurisdiction, or if such material is illegal by community standards or by law in your local jurisdiction, you agree not to read, copy, download, or otherwise access the adult material.

For more Smallville fiction, visit our sister archives. Or use the new Multi-Archive Search, which searches all three archives for Newest Stories.

Smallville and its characters (c) DC Comics, Warner Brothers, Tollin/Robbins and Millar/Gough Ink.
"The Smallville Slash Archive" is a non-profit fan site, and is not endorsed or licensed by DC Comics or Warner Brothers.