The Smallville Slash Archive: Who's Responsible

Who's Responsible For The Archive?

The first episode of Smallville aired on October 16, 2001, and people began writing fanfiction, including slash, immediately. (For more information about slash, see "What is Slash?" at the Writers' University.) Livia designed the look of the archive, Naomi provided the scripts that allow people to archive their own stories, Calysta Rose set up and installed them, and Minotaur generously hosts the archive at

The Smallville Slash Archive went live on October 20, 2001. The first story posted was "Beginnings" by Nicole D'Annais. The one thousandth story on the archive was "Setting the Rules" by Shimmygloss, posted on August 17, 2002.

The Smallville Slash Archive has two sister archives, the Level Three Records Room and Wild Coyote. Level Three is an all-inclusive archive that hosts gen, het and slash Smallville fanfiction. Wild Coyote is the Smallville Het Archive.

Currently, Stone Princess does most of the day-to-day archiving work. If there is a problem with an archived story, or if you just have comments or suggestions, please send them to Email us at the_ssa @ You can also check the SSA LiveJournal community for updates about the site.


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