The Smallville Slash Archive: What's Not Allowed?

What's Not Allowed Here?

The Smallville Slash archive is for Smallville slash: stories that contain m/m or f/f content. All slash pairings are welcomed, not just Clark/Lex. Crossovers with Smallville and AUs are welcome, as are threesomes that contain slashy interaction. Stories may contain heterosexual content, as long as they also contain slash. Het and gen stories that have no slashy content will be deleted at the discretion of the archivists.

Please note that a story does not have include sex to be slash. There are many G-rated slash stories. If even one character is thinking about having sexual or romantic feelings for someone of the same sex, then it's slash. Some readers would label this kind of story 'pre-slash.' However, at this archive, they are considered 'slash,' and so they are welcome here.

Do not upload gen stories that just happen to have slash sequels, however. Gen stories are not 'pre-slash,' even if they have slashy sequels. They are still gen, and should be archived elsewhere; the SSA recommends its sister archive, the Level Three Records Room.

Do not upload separate chapters or 'parts' of a story. You may post WiPs (works in progress) to smallvilleslash and ClarkLexFic, but the Smallville Slash Archive does not accept them. Stories must be complete before they are archived here. Please be aware that archivists will delete incomplete stories at their own discretion.

Lastly, do not upload a story to the SSA twice. If you have made a mistake uploading a story, please e-mail the archivists at . They will delete the old version, and help you figure out how to upload your story so that it appears correctly. Both versions of any double-archived story will be deleted.


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