The Smallville Slash Archive: Frequently Asked Questions

How Should I Format My Story Before I Upload It?

The Automated Posting Interface is the backbone of this archive. It basically does two things: it converts text files to HTML files (web pages). This is what allows authors to upload their own stories. The second thing the Automated Posting Interface does is create a new entry in the SSA's database. This means readers can search for the stories by keyword, rating, author, title, etc.

However, for the Posting Interface to work correctly, authors need to do a few things first.

1. Save As Text.

When you have finished writing your story, save a copy as a plain text file. Almost every word processor has two ways to save a file: Save, and Save As. If you choose Save As, you will see an option such as "Save as what file type?" or "Type of File" or "Save as Type?" Among your choices will be Text, Text Only, ASCII Dos Text, or something of that nature. Any one of those will usually work.

2. How To Create Emphasis.

Since plain text files do not have any special formatting, you have to use a few special tricks to indicate emphasis. To get the Posting Interface to italicize a word, surround it in *asterisks*. (This only works if there is no punctuation inside the asterisks. "*Lex*!" will be turned into italic text. *"Lex!"* will not.)

Likewise, to underline a word, surround it with _underscores_. The Posting Interface will convert *this* to this and _this_ to this.

3. Scene Breaks

To create a horizontal line-break between sections, hit return, then type a line of asterisks (at least three,) then hit return again. In your text file it will look like this:


and the archive will turn it into a line like this:


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