The Smallville Slash Archive: Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Facts About The SSA

Who Can Post Here?

What's Not Allowed Here?
(WiPs, pre-slash and double-posted stories)

What Else Isn't Allowed Here?
(Our policy on plagiarism and RPF)

How Should I Format My Story Before I Upload It?

How Do I Get Words Like "Naive" and "Cliche" To Appear Correctly?
(provided by Linda)

Why don't my quotes or apostrophes show up?

What Warnings And Rating Should I Include?

Can You Change The E-Mail Link On My Stories?
(The answer used to be no. Now it is YES!)

Disclaimer: Some content in this FAQ was adapted from Merry Lynne's Due South Slash Archive FAQ and Shrift's Hard Core Logo Fiction Archive FAQ.

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