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Fiction Archives & Mailing Lists

The ClarkLex Homepage / ClarkLex and ClarkLexFic mailing lists / The ClarkLex Homepage also features the Smallville Series FAQ.

Level Three Records Room / Level Three mailing list / A comprehensive archive and list for gen, slash and het Smallville fanfic. / LexSlash mailing list / A site full of resources for Smallville fans, including a fiction archive, transcripts, extensive picture galleries, fanart, and video clips.

Small Town Girls / smallvillefemslash mailing list / The Smallville f/f archive and mailing list.

Wild Coyote: The Smallville Het Archive / Wild Coyote mailing list / A comprehensive archive and list for all het pairings on Smallville.

Meanwhile... / The Smallville missing scene, post-episode coda archive.

Smallville Under the Covers / An archive for R and NC-17 rated fic, all genres and pairings.

walk of shame / sororityboys-fic mailing list / The Sorority Boys fanfiction archive and mailing list.

Other: hosts gen, het and slash Smallville stories.

Fanfiction Archives For Specific Characters & Pairings

Whitney Fordman: First Down
Victoria Hardwick: Hard. Wick.
Martha Kent: One Red Hot Mama
Lana Lang: Fairy Princess
Lana/Lex: Hazardous

Pete Ross: More Than A Sidekick
Chloe Sullivan: Girl Friday
Chloe/Clark: the reporters
Chloe/Lex: Chemistry
Chloe/Pete: Friendly
Clark & Pete: Truckload of Heart


Fic Recs Sites

Smallville Fanfic Recs at Yahoogroups: a mailing list for sv recs of all pairings, ratings and genres.

Alien Corn: Recs / Best in Show / Bright Shiny Things / Destina / Fajrdrako / Fanon Blues / Hope / Jenn / the jinjoint / kirsten sea / LJC / Lady Angel Loves... / Meredith Lynne / Miss Bink's / Obsessed Much? / Panegyrium / Pearl-o / Polyamorous Recommendations / Rebel Prince: Recs / Rosa's Recs / Rushlight's Recs / Sandy Justine / Slash Slut's Smallville Recs / Smallville Recs / Sylvia / Te / Thamiris / Unfit for Society / Viridian5 / WitchQueen's Contes de Fées Préférés

Fannish Resources & Creativity

Smallville Fan Fiction Resources has a Fact Checker, Recs, Beta Reader Index and more.

Smallville Video Archives is an index of Smallville songvids available on the web.

Tasty Smallville Treats songvids by Hecubus

Reject Reality: Fan art and wallpapers by Nicola.

Smallville Now! is the index for 'Hug Lex Now!' and its spinoff sites.

Proof? You Got it! Clark/Lex screencaps

Official Sites

The Ledger / The Torch / LuthorCorp / Smallville on the WB

The Smallville Slash Archive

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