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The SSA's first fundraising drive was held in August 2003. Within only two days, the fundraising drive raised $214 (the cost to host the SSA for one year) and over $640 for charity. We are deeply grateful to those who donated and those who supported the fundraising drive.

Matryoshka Celli Lane Zylver00 Honoria
Kat The Spike Emma amandajane
Mitch Vampry perclexed
Punk Dine Wicked Ripe Plum Ilexa
Missu The Dancing Ferret Beth reetchick
Wendi nepthys Lenore Aelita
Destina Fortunato Yavanna Anne Mytych-DelPonte Anne
Cleo Aly T Dana DC
MistressAce Graysong Brynnydd Philexos
catmoran J. Day MsDaccxx myownspecialself
alee autumnyte Hope Digitalwave
bientot Dolimir Trude kormanfan
Max Thomas 17 additional donors preferred to remain anonymous.

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